Molecular Maya (mMaya) is a free plugin for Autodesk Maya that lets users import, model and animate molecular structures. We leverage the power and flexibility of Maya while offering innovative, intuitive tools specialized for the challenges of molecular modeling and animation. mMaya is further enhanced by a series of 'kits' that expand its functionality and greatly streamline molecular modeling, animation, and simulation (see below).

System Requirements
  • Maya 2015-18 (note, 2018 is now supported)
  • OSX or Windows (Linux support, contact us with your interest)

(note that we do not recommend switching/upgrading mMaya or mMaya kit versions within projects as scene files created with older version may not be entirely compatible with new versions).

Install Instructions
  1. Click button below to download
  2. Double click to open in your 'current' Maya version OR
    Open your desired Maya version target, and go to File > open, and browse to OR
    in an already open Maya session, drag the scene file from your file browser in/on to the Maya window.

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mMaya kits

Modeling Kit

Molecular Maya's Modeling kit enables the rapid and intuitive creation of structurally accurate and simulation-ready macromolecular models. Many if not most 3D structures in databases such as the PDB are incomplete and, although primary structure is often known, truncations and gaps are common occurrences. The mMaya Modeling kit facilitates the creation of full-length molecular models by automating the process of finding and filling such gaps, giving the user control over secondary structure and dynamic control over posing newly synthesized polypeptide chains. The kit also provides easy chain alignment, splitting and PDB export tools, as well as a library of common protein domains to streamline the molecular modeling process.

Click here for instructions on how to install a kit after purchasing.

Double-Stranded DNA (dsDNA) Kit

Molecular Maya's double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) kit automates the modeling, animation and visualization of structurally-accurate dsDNA. Starting from either DNA sequence or custom- and/or PDB-derived curve coordinates, this kit rapidly creates animation- and simulation-ready models with the click of a button. Users can easily apply 'strand mounts' that facilitate the binding and animation of proteins interacting with the dynamic DNA models. dsDNA strands are also cleavable at specific sequence locations and come with options to fine tune their local dynamics. To take full advantage of mMaya's dsDNA kit, please visit the Clarafi Training section for courses documenting its capabilities and creative uses in production.

Click here for instructions on how to install a kit after purchasing.

"Beautiful, accurate models of DNA are now available on the ground floor for everyone. With this kind of foundation for biomedical visualizations, it is mind-boggling to speculate on what's now possible and what's coming next."

Drew Berry, WEHI

Cytoskeleton Kit

Molecular Maya's Cytoskeleton kit enables intuitive and rapid modeling of structurally-accurate actin or microtubule fibers (an intermediate filament model is also included). Deformable models are created either from user-generated curves or using a procedural modeling 'volume populator' approach. Users can customize 'level of detail' (LOD) controls for fiber geometry and curve fitting , which leads to efficient viewport handling, 'a must' for the manipulation of large fiber arrays. Strand mounts allow users to bind and move elements along individual fibers to facilitate animation of cytoskeleton-interacting proteins.

Click here for instructions on how to install a kit after purchasing.