Kits live within Molecular Maya (mMaya). In order to use a kit, the base, free mMaya must be installed.

Once a mMaya kit has been purchased on, in order to retrieve your kit you use mMaya’s built-in updating and installation system. This is found at the foot of the ‘mMaya Editor’, within Maya. On the ‘updates’ tab that pops up you will be prompted for your Clarafi user credentials, and will be presented with newly available installs of your kits, whose installation is automated via this interface (no need to handle any archives, executables, or installation paths). There may be a slight payment processing lag between making your purchase, and when the kit becomes available for you to retrieve – if you find your purchased kits are not listed for installation, try again shortly.

Once your kits are installed, be sure to check back often using this same interface for any updates that may be available to upgrade them. And, we’d love to hear your feedback on all aspects of your experience with them!