Keller, Philipp

Dynamics of building plans of animals from single-cell to whole-organism level (fly, zebrafish, mouse). Quantitative high-speed imaging and multiview dynamics of developing embryos. Lab website: movies, links to references.

Stocker, Roman

Microbiology at the interface between fluid mechanics and microbial ecology. Video microscopy and image analysis to capture and quantify microbial behavior. Topics include: bacterial rheotaxis, phytoplakton holographic microscopy, flagella mechanics, bacterial turbulence and collective behavior, bacterial chemotaxis, biofilms. Lab website: movies, links to references.

Moss, Bernard

Dynamic mechanisms used by viruses to infect cells. Topics include: Vaccinia virion movement, dynamic orthopoxvirus inclusion bodies. Lab website: movies, links to references.

Singer, Robert H

Real-time visualization of transcription kinetics, mRNA transport, and degradation in cells (yeast, fly, human). Quantitative fluorescence data, mathematical modeling. Lab website: visuals, links to references.

Gertler, Frank

Signaling and cytoskeleton dynamics during guided cell movement. Topics include: cancer, axon guidance. Lab website: movies, links to references.

Kirchhausen, Tomas

Dynamic processes that mediate movement of membrane proteins throughout cells. Topics include: clathrin, receptor-mediated endocytosis, secretion. Lab website: movies, visuals, links to references.

Cytokinetic Mafia

Cytokinesis. Movies of cytokinesis from various organisms: E.coli, yeast, Dicty, C.elegans, sea urchin, Xenopus, Zebrafish, rat, etc. (a.k.a. havoc from the Ted Salmon lab)

Theriot, Julie

Microbiology and dynamics of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Topics include: Listeria, Shigella, Salmonella, Candida. Lab website: movies, links to references.

The Cell – An Image Library

The Cell – An Image Library is a repository for microscopy images and videos of eukaryotic and bacterial organelles and macromolecular structures. The images can be used as a reference to infer the 3D structure of organelles and macromolecules, and the videos can be used as reference for the dynamic movement of cellular structures.