Rachel Davidowitz is a Scientific Animator and Illustrator. She trained as a biologist, receive a B.S. in Developmental Biology and Genetics from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School. At Harvard, she worked in the lab of Dr. Joan Brugge researching ovarian cancer metastasis, specifically the molecular mechanisms underlying the ability of ovarian cancer spheroids to invade peritoneal tissue. Publications of this work can be found in the journals Cancer Discovery, joVE, and the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

After graduate school, Rachel joined Digizyme as an animator, where she worked on several projects, including videos for the Hall of Human Life at the Museum of Science Boston, digital content for E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, and promotional posters and animations for Cell Signaling Technologies.

As an independent contractor, Rachel has assisted clients, including the Journal of Molecular Biology, JCI Insight, Dr. Joan Brugge, Dr. David Pellman, Dr. Dennis J. Thiele, and Dr. Daniel Van Vactor, to visually communicate their research. 

Rachel is a product designer at ExploreLearning, where she creates Gizmos, web interactives that help teach science and math concepts to K-12 students. 

Rachel Davidowitz, Ph.D. has contributed to the following courses and tutorials: