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Clarafi Tutorials
Access a library of unique tutorials focused on the production and design challenges of scientific visualization.

Browse a curated set of resources that keep you up to date on visualization tools, design resources, conferences, and more.

Molecular Maya (mMaya) Plugin
This FREE plugin for Autodesk Maya lets you easily import, model and animate molecular structures.

Molecular Maya (mMaya) Kits
Enhance mMaya functionality in areas of molecular modeling, rigging, simulation, and the creation of environments and complex structures like nucleic acids, membranes and cytoskeletal fibers.


What makes Clarafi different from other online training sites?
Clarafi is a community of scientists, artists, teachers and students who share a passion for scientific visualization. At the intersection of the rapid pace of software development and the ever-changing landscape of scientific discovery, Clarafi offers training, tools and resources that help members improve their skills and tackle the unique design and technical challenges of visual science communication.

Why are tutorials priced differently?
In the basic membership, tutorials are priced differently according to complexity of topic and length of tutorial. If you anticipate taking more than one tutorial a month, it would be worth considering one of our subscription options!

How do the payments work?
As a Basic member, payments are processed per tutorial purchase. With a Premium subscription, payments are processed in full at the beginning of the term you choose (i.e., $149.97 due at the start of a 3-month subscription term). Subscriptions are non-refundable. Prior to the end of your term, you will be notified of auto-renewal, and will have the opportunity to change your subscription status.

Can subscriptions be cancelled?
Once purchased, there will be no refunds on subscription plans. If you are unsure about Clarafi’s offerings and whether a subscription is right for you, please take advantage of our introductory/new member tutorial discount (purchase a tutorial of your choice at sign up for only $20). We also encourage you to sample the free video chapters available for every tutorial in our training library. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but you will retain access to all the subscription benefits through the last day of your paid term. Please e-mail us at if you have any questions.

Are mMaya Kits included in any of the subscriptions?
Although the mMaya plugin itself is free for all Clarafi members, all mMaya Kits (such as dsDNA) are sold separately, with cost depending on the complexity of the kit.

Do you have student rates?
Yes! Learn more about qualifying for individual student membership.

Do you have group memberships?
Yes! If you are interested in membership for a group (laboratory, classroom, studio), please contact us for group rates.