Home Community FAQ How can i see a chap18 of dsDNA kit? Reply To: How can i see a chap18 of dsDNA kit?

Jeannie Park

The reason why you are only able to see the select sample chapters (06, 09, 15) is that you have not yet purchased the training for the kit – the toolkit and the tutorial are sold separately. In order to see the full set of chapters for the tutorial “Introduction to Molecular Maya dsDNA Kit” you can either

1) purchase the single training kit at https://clarafi.com/training/intro-mmaya-dsdna-kit/
2) purchase a subscription for access to the full library of tutorials – you can find the subscription options at https://clarafi.com/membership/
The benefit of this option is that you would be able to access the full array of training, but also learn about the other mMaya kits and their abilities before deciding to purchase those kits as well.