tRNA-Ribosome Molecular Dynamics Simulation    |    K.Y. Sanbomatsu

One of the largest molecular dynamic simulations in biology – studies the interactions of tRNA as it enters the ribosome.

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Translation    |    Drew Berry

Part 2 in Drew Berry’s “Central Dogma” animations – the mRNA (yellow) is decoded inside the ribosome (purple and light blue) and translated into a chain of amino acids (red) as aminoacyl-tRNAs (green) deliver each amino-acid cargo (red/pink tip) to the ribosome.

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Signal Recognition Particle    |    Eric Keller, Steve Davy, Stylus Visuals

This Maya animation depicts the process by which the translating ribosome is halted by the signal recognition particle (SRP). The ribosome is subsequently brought to the membrane and docked with a channel to translocate the nascent polypeptide chain.

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Ribosome Function    |    Said Sannuga

A detailed animation that covers all the central steps in prokaryotic translation (including initiation, elongation and termination steps with many of the individual protein factors involved in each).

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IRES    |    Stylus Visuals

This animation compares the structure of ribosome complexes in either IRES-mRNA (Internal RIbosome Entry Sequence) or capped-mRNA conformations.

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Golgi / ER Visualization    |    Drew Berry

A visualization of a cell’s cytosplasm derived from electron tomography data from Brad Marsh’s laboratory. The different components – nucleus, microtubules, mitochondria, ribosomes, smooth ER, rough ER, Golgi – are highlighted in separate ‘passes’ and then overaid as one. A great reminder of how crowded cellular interiors are!

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Elongation Factor Tu    |    Graham Johnson

An animation highlighting the structural domains of elongation factor Tu and the surface involved in tRNA binding. The conformational change in the switch helix that occurs as a result of GTP hydrolysis results in the release of the tRNA.

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Elongation Cycle of Protein Biosynthesis    |    A.H. Whiting, J. Frank, R. Agarwal

This visualization rotates the assembled ribosome and then shows (using a cut-away) the path of entry of the tRNA during the elongation cycle.

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