Neuronal Signaling

An Atomic View of Brain Activity    |    Burkhard Rammner

A 3D molecular-scale computational model of a synapse based on a combination of electron microscopy, super-resolution microscopy and biochemical data.

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The Whole Brain Catalog    |    Drew Berry

A visualization of the possibilities of the Whole Brain Catalog (, an open source, multi-scale virtual catalog of the mouse brain.

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Neural Long Term Potentiation (LTP)    |    Jason Raine

A 3D animation depicting the early molecular events underlying long term potentiation in the spinal cord of pain pathways. (Click on the icon in the “Master’s Research Project Examples 2002-2005 area of the page).

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Alzheimer’s Enigma    |    Christopher Hammang

A beautiful 3D animation that takes us deep into the brain to understand how plaque build-up on brain cells occurs during Alzheimer’s disease.

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