Drug / Mechanism of Action

Penicillin and Antibiotic Resistance    |    Maria Voigt

This animation provides a detailed explanation for how penicillin and penicillin-related antibiotics disrupt the bacterial life cycle, as well as the underlying molecular mechanisms by which bacteria develop resistance.

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Rapamycin, FKBP12 & FRAP    |    Biointeractive.org, Eric Keller

Dimerization of FKBP12 & FRAP is shown upon binding of the small molecule rapamycin.

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DNA Nanorobot (Wyss)    |    Digizyme

This animation depicts the structure and function of a drug delivery device created entirely of DNA. The therapeutic payload (in this case antibodies) is protected from the environment until a target protein (in this case PDGF, in green) competes for binding of the aptamer latches and triggers opening of the clamshell-like device.

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