DNA / Chromatin

The Structure of DNA    |    Betsy Skrip, Sera Thornton

An exploration of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA.
This video was created for MITx 7.28.1x Molecular Biology: DNA Replication & Repair, offered on edX.

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Introduction to Epigenetics (for the Boston Museum of Science)    |    Digizyme

This animation explains how environmental conditions can influence the expression genes. We begin with a simplified view of gene transcription, mRNA synthesis and translation of the corresponding protein. We also observe how epigenetic ‘tags’ (chemical modifications to the DNA) can alter whether or not a gene is expressed.

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Restriction Endonuclease Digestion & Ligation    |    Drew Berry

This animation depicts the proces of DNA recombination. The DNA plasmid is first digested with the restriction endonuclease enzyme ecoRI. Then, a piece of DNA encoding a gene is inserted into the plasmid by DNA ligase.

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DNA structure    |    Drew Berry

A series of short animations highlighting the structureand flexibility of the DNA double-helix.

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Chromatin    |    Drew Berry

This animation shows the different levels of chromatin packing – starting with wrapping of DNA around histone octamers and nucleosome assembly, all the way to chromosome condensation during mitosis.

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