Geordie Martinez

Capsid Molecular Dynamics Simulation    |    Geordie Martinez, Stylus Visuals

A Maya-rendered visualization of a VMD molecular dynamics simulation. Created for David Chandler’s lab at UC Berkeley, this movie depicts the physics of viral capsid formation while summarizing some of the technical steps involved in its creation.

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Dicer    |    Geordie Martinez, Steve Davy, Stylus Visuals

This Maya animation shows cleavage of double-stranded RNA into short RNA fragements by the Dicer ribonuclease.

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Microtubules: Structure, Function & Dynamics    |    Geordie Martinez, Steve Davy, Stylus Visuals

This Maya animation depicts the dynamic self-assembly and dissassembly processes of microtubules. The animation incoporates atomic resolution structural information for tubulin (as it undergoes a GTP vs GDP-induced conformational change), as well as cryoEM data for ‘protofilament peels’ and ‘helical ribbons’ from the Nogales lab.

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